Believing that its most important capital is human resources, EKOLAY KITCHEN's human resources policy; expert in his profession, highly motivated, on creating an employee profile that has social competence and creates added value, and on managing, directing and developing human resources correctly. was established.

Our Human Resources Policy
• Ensuring the employment of the right people in the right positions.
• For new positions, firstly evaluate the human resources within the group.
• Ensuring that employees receive tasks appropriate to their knowledge and abilities,
• Keeping the morale and motivation of employees at all levels at the highest level and creating family awareness.
• Creating a healthy, safe and peaceful working environment in terms of worker health and safety.
• Determining training needs for employees, preparing and implementing training programs.
• Evaluating and rewarding employee performances according to objective criteria.
• Offering internship opportunities to university students.
• Providing an open communication environment.
• To protect and develop all personnel rights of the personnel.

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